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Monday, February 8, 2010

In Progress: SanaeHa Ngern Tra

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Title: SanaeHa Ngern Tra

Por Tridsadee Sahawong as Siwapan
Pat Napapa Tanakul as Farida (Fang
Mam Jintara Sukapat as Niannipa
Joon Kittikun Sumridpansuk as Ronachai
Saranyoo Prachakrit (Beam) as Panutat
May Fuengarom as Siwaporn
Santisuk Promsiri (Noom) as Sumet
Daraneenuch Popiti as Pannee
Chalit Fueng-Arom as Aekatat
Meji Pimaksiporn Wingomin as Anong Lekha

After graduation, Farida or Fang got a job in Veerakij Company which there're Aekatat and Siwapan as the owners. Siwapan used to be heartbroken because his ex-girlfriend thought he was poor, so he had bad attitude towards women and thought that money could buy everything.

Later, Farida fell in love with Panutat, Aekatat's son and planned to get married with each other, but Farida didn't know that Panutat had an affairs with Siwaporn, Siwapan's sister. When Farida knew the truth, she wanted to cancel her wedding. But Panutat didn't want to, so he wanted to break up with Siwaporn. Siwaporn was angry, so she tried to defame Farida to Siwapan to make him hate her. Siwapan planned to revenge Farida by making her fall in love with him and get married with him. ---credited too Wasashimi's blog

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Sanaeha Ngern Tra Youtube
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  1. Hello! I happy to found your blog. Its great you translating SanaeHa Ngern Tra. I wrote sinopsis and interested about translating it. So, I would like ask your permission to use your sub to translate this lakorn to Russian. If you may help me with eng. softsub it will be great. If you agree, please contact me e-mail: Hope you answer me. Thank you for your hard work.

  2. Hello :) ~ I'm a lakorn's fan ^^ . I can't wait to see this series's next ep ^^.
    Keep it up ! You're so amazing !